Copyright-Free Materials

Everyone needs to be careful when creating materials for the classroom. We should be modeling legal and ethical responsibility to our students. This includes using only copyright-free materials such as images and sounds. Let's provide each other with sites we have found to help us to just that!

Why does it matter?
  • We need to set the example for our students. Violation of copyright is very serious.
  • View this slide show and take special note of slides 38-41.

How can we be more proactive?
  • Visit the Creative Commons website. The organization is a nonprofit corporation dedicated to making it easier for people to share and build upon the work of others, consistent with the rules of copyright.

  • Visit the website Copyright Education to learn some copyright basics and have some of your specific questions answered.

  • When using Google to search for images and other materials, do an Advanced Search. Look for the option "Usage Rights" and select the appropriate license.


Here are some websites that offer copyright-free materials!

From the article 15 Sites for Finding Images and Clip Art for Education
David Kapuler
  1. 3D Toad- A innovative site with interactive 360-degree rotatable images.
  2. Behold- A nice search engine to use with adult supervision for finding images on Flickr.
  3. Find Icons- A great site for finding free icons to use in the classroom.
  4. FreeFoto- A wonderful site for 1000s of free photos that can be used by students.
  5. FreePhotoBank- A excellent site for free stock photos.
  6. Google Images- A great way to search for images as long as the safe search filter is turned on.
  7. humanline- A new site for teachers and students for free images for art, history, science, etc.
  8. ookaboo- A great way to search for free stock photos on a wide variety of subjects.
  9. OpenClipArt- A nice site for free clip art.
  10. Pics4Learning- One of the most popular image sites for finding images for education.
  11. School Clip Art- Doesn't get much better then this for free clip art for students and teachers.
  12. Veezzle- A free stock photo search engine and community.
  13. Visual Dictionary- Not only a great place to find educational photos, but also offers descriptions and more.



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